How We Work

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The management of WHEAT is based on principles defined in the CGIAR  Strategic Research Framework and standard performance contract. Partners and inter-institutional teams focus on research driven by stakeholder priorities.

WHEAT activities and projects are grouped into Flagship Projects (FPs) that range from advanced research to delivery and focus on low- and middle-income wheat-producing countries of East Asia, South Asia, Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA), sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. The participation and engagement of regional and local partners underpin the projects’ success. WHEAT is coordinated in collaboration with regional Steering Committees.


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The Management Committee (MC) is the executive working committee of WHEAT. Directors and program leaders from relevant institutional research centers and primary research partners oversee implementation of the WHEAT research agenda within their institutions.

The Independent Steering Committee helps set priorities and implement and review research-for-development. They do not have
contractual arrangements.

CIMMYT, through its Board of Trustees and director general, is responsible for the program’s successful management and implementation. CIMMYT’s Board of Trustees also has the fiduciary and legal responsibility and accountability for implementing WHEAT.